Ballistic Nylon Cordura

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 47 is an authorized distributor of Quality Heavy Duty Fabric including Military Fabric, Grommets, Snap Tool, Vinyl Mesh, Wraps Webbing Straps and more

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 35

Heavy Duty Fabric: CORDURA Nylon, Ballistic Nylon, Pack Cloth and other commercial and industrial fabrics

Rockywoods is an authorized Invista CORDURA Nylon fabric supplier including 1000D CORDURA and 1050D BALLLISTIC nylons.

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 26

Ballistic Inserts to up-armor a Briefcase or Backpack

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 24

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 63

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 9

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 47

Overview. DuPont originally introduced the fabric as a type of rayon. The product was further developed during World War II and used by the military in tires.In 1966, when new formulations of nylon proved superior, the Cordura brand name was transferred to the nylon product instead.

I’ve been asked many times what the difference is between Ballistic, 1000 Denier Cordura, and Ripstop Nylon. First off, understand that Denier has to do with the weight of the fabric, NOT it’s strength.

Level III-A Tactical Ballistic Shields, upgradeable with Rifle Plates.

CORDURA® Ballistic fabric provides durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, workwear and motorcycle apparel.

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 110

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 55

Ballistic Nylon Cordura 95

Print Library. 1200+ Prints To Choose From. Browse Library . CORDURA® NYLON FABRICS We Are An Authorized INVISTA CORDURA Dealer

As technology continues to advance, textiles are becoming smarter and more sophisticated, offering a range of options for today’s most demanding, safety-critical jobs.