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The One Spot software was developed to help commercial property managers more efficiently oversee work at sites.

Coke In this late-seventies spot, Coca-Cola saluted the great comedians of the past. Coke was so ubiquitous by this time they didn’t need to tout the product in every commercial, instead they demonstrated how Coke is an integral part of the very fabric of this nation, as American as apple pie and Jackie Gleason.

Kathryn Brown to take daily anchor spot beginning in December. Posted September 25, 2017

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Humans aren’t the only ones dealing with the flu — there’s a serious bout of flu being reported in at least five states, according to several veterinary medical associations.

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The Berry Farm is on the outskirts of Lake Wanaka township, enjoying a quiet rural atmosphere and stunning mountain views, while only being 3 km to the town’s lake shore, retail and cafe area.

Know your enemy: Incredibly, there are TWENTY different kinds of cameras spying on motorists – spot them before they spot you! Some cameras are used to catch criminals, monitor traffic, or collect data

Luxury Brands to Devote One-Third of Their Ad Budgets to Digital This YearThe luxury market trails the advertising market as a whole in its shift to digital, as magazines and TV remain desired media channels.

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Marvel, have madeBlack Panther the focus of the latest TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War. The trailer’s centerpiece is a massive battle in Black Panther’s fictional African nation of Wakanda.

Tally of all the unfortunate deaths and injuries that have ruined the holidays for Black Friday shoppers; violent shootings, pepper-spray accidents and shocking tramplings.

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